My name is Julio Fonyat and I´m a wedding photographer in San Diego, thank you very much for visiting my website and viewing my art. I came from a family of artists, with a father and a grandfather as renowned photographers / architects and an art collector mother. I remember thinking, as a kid, as I would go thru my father’s and grandfather’s work, that being a photographer was the only thing that would make sense for me. How could I consider being anything else?

My mother passed on my Dad’s cameras to me. Learning photography with his Leicas, Rolleiflexs, and Polaroids gave me the basics of the technical knowledge before entering the digital world. Even though I mostly work with digital, I still spend hours in the dark room developing personal and family work.

I moved to San Diego about twelve years ago to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer. Along with my vintage cameras, I brought the desire to do something different. I started college and developed deep passion for sports and water photography. Along the years, I attended many workshops in the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography. With a unique approach to surf photography, I had my work displayed in some of the most important magazines in the world in the field and had the chance to produce articles and magazine covers.
My photography has taken me to places I could only dream before. It has taught me to observe and learn from different cultures and appreciate the beauty of unique places. I have spent time in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Hawaii, China, Indonesia, and Brazil, always experiencing cultures and learning the languages.

When it comes to wedding photography, perfect moments are always around me. Different from nature and sports, where a perfect image depends on many factors, weddings always produce an immense number of moments around me to capture. I am highly attentive to details, therefore portraits are my specialty. It’s flattering for me to have a chance to share that moment with you, and be the one to capture those lifetime memories.
Julio Fonyat