Ben + Robin

“Just get engaged? Congratulations! Now, put down the bubbly and listen to what I have to say: you’re going to spend lots and lots and lots of time wedding planning. And you’re going to have a beautiful wedding. And it’s going to go by so fast that you won’t remember most of it. This is where Julio comes in. Julio Fonyat (Fonyat Photography) blew my and my husband’s expectations away with his persona, his talent and the quality of his work.

Let’s roll out the basics: The engagement session. Unlike some other photographers who say “3 hours and not a minute more, and only with 5 miles of my studio…blah blah blah”, Julio WORKS with you. We dragged him all over San Diego trying to create a timeline of our relationship, and he trooped with us the entire afternoon. He’s about getting the shots, not about nickel and diming the hours or time. He’s also incredibly easy to work with; definitely a guy you could “grab a beer with”. He makes you feel totally at ease, even when you’re pretending to kiss for half a minute for a great shot. Julio also has a serious talent for capturing fun candid moments when you are honey are being your usual adorable selves.

Okay, then there’s the wedding. OH MAN, LET ME TELL YOU.  Here’s what you’re going to get:

1. A Real Professional:  I barely noticed Julio the entire night, and my guests said the same (but he was there! The pictures prove it!). He knows how to get great shots without being in the middle of things.

2. High Quality Shots: The pictures are absolutely incredible; totally blew our expectations out of the water. I am normally not photogenic at all, but somehow Julio made us look great in every. single. picture.

3. Lots of Shots!: It was amazing to me how many shots he was able to get in the short amount of time we had for official picture taking.

4. Reasonable Response Time: He had the pictures to us pretty fast. I hear horror stories of friends who have had to wait 6 months+ for their wedding pictures, but not with Julio. You’re not waiting long.

5. The Photobooth (optional): It’s an add-on, but it’s totally worth it. Julio essentially creates a stop action film of all your guests who get in front of the camera. The results are hilarious.

6. Great add-ons: He adds these tiny little adorable accents that make him stand out that much more; like mini “business cards” for your guests to take away from the wedding with info on where the pictures will be posted, and picture videos for you to share with family and friends.

And all of this for a seriously reasonable price. So, when you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding (or you know, anything), remember these two words: Julio Fonyat.  Stop your hours of research, you’ve found your photographer.”  – Robin


Dajen + Rachel

“I first met Julio when he shot my friends wedding in New York and my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I liked him right away and loved the way her wedding photos turned out. When it came time to plan our wedding, We had no doubt that this was the right guy to hire. He took the time to meet with us and had us fill out a small questionnaire so he could learn more about us. We corresponded multiple times and came up with a great plan for our engagement shoot. My husband was nervous the day of the shoot but Julio and his wife Priscilla helped him feel at ease very quickly. We both liked that the poses felt natural and not forced at all and our photos are beautiful!

Julio met with us at our rehearsal and we drove discussed the photos we we wanted for our big day. He took the time to scope out the area ahead of time and come up with a few beautiful locations to take photos. The day of our wedding, Julio and his wife both came on time and dressed professionally. They didn’t get in the way of the busyness of the day and they captured amazing photos. Julio kept the portrait session short which was exactly what we wanted. He understood that we didn’t want to spend the better part of our reception posing for photos. During the reception they photographed all the right moments all night. Everyone was so impressed by the way our photos turned out. Julio truly has an eye for finding the best places to create beautiful photos!” –  Rachel


Brett + Laura

“We were fortunate enough to work with Julio Fonyat during both our engagement session and our wedding.  (We first met Julio when he was the photographer for the wedding of Brett’s sister).  He did such an amazing job for their wedding that we just had to have him for ours!

From the beginning, he made us feel so incredibly at ease.  He was excited about helping us work in locations that really fit us, and to get all of the pictures that we wanted.  The most amazing thing about the session however, was when one of our beach locations didn’t work at the scheduled time, he worked for over a month to make sure we got the most amazing sunset pictures we could have imagined.  It was completely unexpected, and above and beyond what we had ever expected.  His dedication to making sure every one of his clients gets the most amazing memories to keep is evident in everything that he does.

For our wedding, he went out before the day of, to scout the location, and not only found some amazing places, but helped us lay out the timeline for the big day to make sure we got everything we wanted without making our guests wait around.  Our wedding pictures were beautiful.  Julio and his wife made sure to carefully go through our specific list, and made sure we got everything we wanted.  Once the formal pictures were done, Julio did a wonderful job of capturing lovely candid shots of all the guests at the reception. Some of our favorite pictures of family and friends came from the photo booth…we highly recommend it. Once again, above and beyond what we could have ever dreamed of!”- Brett & Laura


Glenn + Michelle

Wedding planning is hard. I know everyone always says it’s hard; I just want to re-iterate those sentiments. The only thing that wasn’t hard for us was choosing Julio to be our photographer. I had been (shamelessly) stalking Julio since 2010 when he photographed my friend’s wedding at Karl Strauss Brewery. When my friend was originally looking for a photographer, we must have looked at dozens of different photographers in San Diego and none of them were quite right – until we found Julio. He did such an amazing job for her engagement session and wedding that I knew I wanted to work with him. Flash forward to 2013 when my husband proposed and I immediately sent Julio an email to set up an appointment. What I loved so much about his photography was that it told such a unique story and he always captured the special moments between couples. In fact, when my husband and I chose to get married in Snoqualmie, Washington and found out that the date we originally wanted wouldn’t work for Julio, we switched the date just so he could photograph our wedding – his pictures are THAT amazing!

For our engagement session, we knew we wanted to do some pictures with our dog, Paws, and Julio was a little concerned that it might be challenging to work with the pooch, so he scheduled us for two sessions – one with the dog and one without – just to be sure we got enough photos. Unlike other photographers who immediately start the clock once the session begins, Julio works with you to make sure he truly captures you both as a couple. And I’ll be honest; I was terrified that my husband and I would look totally awkward in our pictures. We aren’t the most lovey-dovey couples and I thought our photos might look a bit stiff; however, I could not have been more wrong. Julio makes you feel completely comfortable during the entire experience and you end up forgetting he’s there.

The other thing that I love about Julio is that he takes the time to scope out locations prior to shooting there. For our wedding, he went out to the site a day early to find locations and even found a way for us to get the picture of a lifetime. Our venue was next to a waterfall and Julio scoped out a route to get to the waterfall so we could take photos with our bridal party right at the base of the falls. The hike down to get the shot after the ceremony was my favorite moment of the entire day because we were surrounded by our closest family and friends going on our first adventure as husband and wife. Without Julio’s guidance and dedication, we never would have made the trek down to the falls.

Another feature Julio offers is the photo booth which I would HIGHLY recommend. We actually debated whether or not we should get one and I’m so happy we did! It was the hit of the wedding and we ended up with 1200 additional photos of our guests being absolutely ridiculous. Basically, open bar + a huge afro wig + a photo booth = wedding magic!

I honestly cannot speak highly enough about Julio! It’s true that the wedding day goes by in a flash and the only things you have to remember the day are the pictures. When you work with Julio, you can rest assured that those pictures will be absolutely breathtaking and will capture all the special moments from your big day!